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1st Round NBA Playoff Recap

Beginning the most delayed NBA playoffs in history, the NBA Bubble at Disneyland has been nothing short of thrilling.

 In the first 2 days of playoff games, the Bucks lose to the Magic and the Lakers lose to the Blazers in Game One, two series’ where the 8 seed has defeated the 1 seed in the first game, showing us that anything is possible in playoff basketball. Although LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo pushed their teams to prevail in the end, both going on a 4-game winning streak to close out the best of 7 series in 5 games.



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While the Bucks fought their way back to win the series, the rest of the Eastern Conference was a blow out. Jimmy Butler and the Heat beat the Pacers 4 games to 0, Kemba Walker the Celtics beat Joel Embiid and the 76ers 4 games to 0 and the defending champion Raptors defeated the starless Nets 4 games to 0.


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Although the East had some triumphant efforts, all eyes were on the West in this round.

 We had the 21-year-old superstar Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks taking on the defending Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers, where after the series was tied at 2-2, experience prevailed, and the Clippers took this one out in 6 games.

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The next two series showed us the best of playoff basketball so far. Both going all the way to 7 games, what a show we witnessed.

The Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz series was a battle of the young guards. Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray made history becoming 2 of the 4 players in playoff history to have multiple 50-point games in a single series. The other two players on that list? Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan. Going down to the wire, it was Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets who advanced to play the Clippers in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

The Houston Rockets vs the Oklahoma City Thunder was the next series to go all the way to 7 games. With offseason trades sending Chris Paul from the Rockets to the Thunder and Russell Westbrook from the Thunder to the Rockets, this series was going to be a battle. In true James Harden fashion wearing his signature Adidas basketball shoes, Harden lead the Rockets averaging 32 ppg, while Chris Paul ran his Thunders offence leading them to clutch wins through this series. In the end, it was the Houston Rockets who took away the game 7 victory and advanced to the next round to face the Lakers.

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Brad Edwards

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