July 12, 2020 2 min read

Hub life continues on as we awoke today to a cloudless WA morning. Most players and staff are up early as a result of the two-hour time difference between Victoria and Western Australia.

The gym is busy with staff getting their day started with a cardio workout. I have committed over this quarantine period to some morning yoga to clear the mind and bend the body into shape for the day’s activities.

A big breakfast ensures we begin the day in a good mood, the food so far has been outstanding. Our dietician has done an amazing job in detailing what we require from a nutritional point of view and the chefs at Crown are
preparing a great spread.

Because of the restrictions on group numbers in a given space we remain in small groups for most of today’s proceedings. Team meeting, craft session and
then weights all done in our allocated bunches. We complete our craft session, where we have a kick and get moving on an oval just outside of Optus Stadium. I remember playing golf on these surroundings, the old Burswood Golf Course a few times back in my University days in Perth. You could cut out a token from the newspaper and get a round of golf, with a
cart, a pie and a coke for $47.

It was a pretty good deal back then. The afternoon is filled with a weight’s session and some free time to chill, chat and consider. We have a green zone not far from the hotel which we can use to get some fresh air. I head there with a few
boys to stretch the legs and gets some use out of those golf clubs that I packed. I knew they would come in handy. The opportunity to spend time with teammates is one of the great benefits of hub life. Over the past few months of isolation we could only train in pairs, connecting with your mates only done through a device.

Now we are able to have more face to face conversations albeit at the required distance apart. We can watch vison with younger players, chat to staff over a coffee or retell old stories with teammates. These moments help knit the fabric of your culture together, storytelling and time spent with one another key ingredients to building a successful organisation. Making the most of opportunities continues to be a common theme.

Harry T
Harry T

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October 23, 2020 5 min read

When it comes to putting bums on seats at the footy, the Prince of Punt Road may be the best at it in the game currently. With his trademark fend off and haircut, both known as the “Dusty”, Dustin Martin has the world of the AFL at his feet. His ability to play his best footy when it matters most has spectators in awe, with numerous past players and coaches posing the thought that Martin may be the best big game player ever, highlighted by his multiple Norm Smith medals. Despite his laid back and media shy personality, Dustin is a superstar of the competition, perhaps being the most marketable player of the competition.

October 20, 2020 4 min read

When you’re the son of Gary Ablett Senior, arguably the greatest to have played the game of AFL, you’d expect to be carrying some added pressure. That’s exactly the case for his son Gary. Yet despite the extraordinary expectations placed upon him, he somehow managed to surpass them, providing his case to hold the title of the GOAT (Greatest of all time).

October 07, 2020 6 min read

Believe it or not there is a strong competitive side when it comes to what we know as warmup exercises. World records are constantly being broken by new competitors for things such as most pushups in a time span, or longest plank without fail. Many people dedicate their lives to being the best of the best and are constantly trying to be the best by beating theses records. Today we are going to look at some athletes who have taken their warmup exercises to the next level, and as a result have become the best in the world for these.