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Entering the league, Kevin Durant was seen as a once in a generation player. With his elite height at a forward position, extreme length and quick first step, Kevin Durant was one of the best players in the NCAA at Texas due to his high-level scoring ability, where he won Naismith Player of the Year, the first freshman to ever do so.

Heading into the draft, Durant was recruited as the best scorer in the draft, possibly the best scorer the draft has ever seen, and was highly touted to go as a high-end lottery pick.

In the 2007 NBA Draft, Kevin Durant was picked #2 to the Seattle Supersonics where he would begin his luxurious NBA career.

Shortly after the draft, Durant was approached my many shoe and apparel companies to sign him, although he eventually chose Nike.

The deal was worth $60 Million dollars over 7 years with incentives of all league honors, awards and sales as bonuses.

In the 2008-09 season, the first Kevin Durant shoe was made, the Nike Zoom KD 1. Although sales of his shoes were going well, with the Nike Zoom KD 2 coming out in 2010, the Nike Zoom KD 3 coming out in 2011 and the Nike Zoom KD 4 in 2012, it wasn’t until the KD V that Kevin’s shoes began selling at a top level throughout the league. The shoes cutting edge design with a low sole and comfort that was next level even for Nike, the KD V AND IV ruled the world for a few years. Kids everywhere could be seen wearing KD’s as well as players around the league. Being one of the very first basketball shoes to possess the low style, the KD V AND IV pioneered the designs for a lot of other players shoes including the Kyrie, Later versions of the LeBron and the Kobe’s.

Sus the Nike KD Trey 5!

With Kevin’s game escalating through the years, including Rookie of the Year, 4x NBA All-Star, All-Star game MVP, 4x All NBA First Team, and 3X Scoring Champion, Kevin had proved himself as a star in the league and gained mass bonuses from Nike due to his achievements.

In 2014 after an excellent season, Kevin was named the NBA’s MVP, adding to his already impressive resume. After Nike’s bonus due to a league MVP, Kevin accepted a 10-year extension worth as much as $300 Million dollars, again a deal included bonuses for incentives.

The MVP season only boosted his shoe sales, with Kevin becoming a household name after being crowned the leagues best player. The KD IV was now really seen literally everywhere. You could not go to a basketball gym in the world where half the gym wasn’t wearing them, and they are seen to be one of Nike’s best shoes after their mass sales.

Since his lucrative 10-year deal, Durant has not failed to uphold his accolades and has continued to pile them on. In the 2016 NBA free agency, Durant announced that he would be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and joining the Golden State Warriors, teaming up with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in search of a Championship. That very next season, Durant lead the Warriors to a deep playoff run, eventually making the NBA Finals. In game 1, Durant had a game high 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists to start out hot against the reigning NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Durant then continued his hot streak in the Finals, where they eventually won the series 4-1, and Durant was named Finals MVP for the first time.

In the next season, history repeated itself, and Durant and the Golden State Warriors were once again crowned NBA Champions, and Kevin was voted Finals MVP after averaging 28 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists throughout his finals campaign. Although he received a lot of backlash from NBA fans around the world, Kevin still has to be credited for his efforts in the NBA finals and his career as a whole.

With shoes coming out year by year, the sales may have dropped off slightly compared to his MVP seasons sales, but Nike’s production and design of the shoes has gotten much better. KD’s are now seen as some of the best designed basketball shoes on the market.

Kevin Durant has established himself as one of Nike’s premier ambassadors, selling a very high amount of good quality signature shoes, whilst backing up his massive deal with the company with his all time on court performances.


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Brad Edwards

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