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To many people, going to the gym and working out is just a hobby. A way to stay active. But have you ever lifted the iron and thought... I could be a professional at this. Well if you have, consider tackling some of these events.


Olympic weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is known to have been around since the early 1900’s. The sports in its raw form consists of an athlete attempt to lift a maximum weight barbell loaded with weight plates a single time. Believed to have originated in ancient Greek, it has evolved into a multi-national Olympic sport in which it has become the livelihood of many athletes.
Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it consists of multiple weight classes so if you ever decide you want to become a professional weight lifter, there is always a spot for you somewhere.
Fun fact, one of the most important, if not the most important parts of an Olympic weightlifter’s equipment is their shoes. Specially designed with a raised heel and strap that tightens across the instep of the shoe, it allows them to maintain an upright torso and allows for a deeper squat under the bar, overall designed for stability while remaining flexible in the toe box. If your interested in weightlifting, grab your barbell at sports power and start lifting, it is never too late.



Let’s be honest, there is nothing anyone likes more than seeing your hard work finally pay off after weeks, or even months of grinding the weights. Looking in the mirror and finally seeing a bit of tone and mass. Well as it turns out that’s what bodybuilders do for a living. Since the late 1800’s body building has been widely popular, although it wasn’t until mid-1900’s (after world war 2) that it was considered a sport. Body builders spend their entire lives building themselves up for competition day, where, get this, they show off, that’s right. Whoever is the best looking in terms of muscle mass and definition wins. The best part is, there’s no requirements, anyone can be a bodybuilder and the only skill involved is the will power to constantly work out and eat well, pffft, sounds easy enough. Not really, body builders dedicate their whole lives to looking as best as they can, some even go to the extremes of dehydrating themselves before competition day as it is believed to shrink tissue under the skin and make veins and muscles more visible. If you ask me, you work out, look good, get paid, sounds like a dream to me, unfortunately that’s because it is much more involved than that, but with the weights available from sports power, there’s no excuses.


Arm Wrestling

There was only one way to find who was the strongest kid, and that was through a good old-fashioned arm wrestle. Although many people have taken it a step further and have turned it into a full-fledged sport. Professional arm-wrestling competitions were first organized in the 1950’s and have become increasingly popular ever since. It is split into different categories, stand up arm-wrestling, and sit-down arm wrestling, both self-explanatory, furthermore its split into left- and right-hand arm wrestles. Like many other sports, great risk is associated with arm wrestling, most people’s arms aren’t accustomed to taking such force in a certain direction and many injuries occur as a result, such that arm wrestling is not recommended without the proper form and training. It is surprisingly a highly competitive sport with athletes from all around the globe participating in competitions, and as expected, all competitions follow a set of rules that make the sport fair and quite intriguing to watch. So, start those bicep curls and before you know it, you could be the next arm-wrestling champion.

Strength Athletics

A sport that is unknown to many, yet highly popular is the strength athletics, also known as strongman competitions. Modern day strongman events are modelled of formalized events that date back all the way to 1820 although was not formally recognized until the late 1970’s. The events consist of a range of varying tasks that involve lifting and moving extremely heavy objects such as large tires, massive logs, and huge boulders. The competition gained some much popularity in the late 1900’s that it was and still is often showed on television. However, being such a varying competition there is no set way to train or become the best, it is a combination of overall strength, cardio, and a certain degree of luck. The best way to train and become a strong athlete is to practice lifting a range of different objects, frequently and practice pushing and pulling large and heavy objects as this is what majority of the competition consists of. Building explosive strength is also key as certain events require short bursts of explosive strength to lift or pull, rather than a consistent brute strength. Weightlifting is a good place to get started if want to consider becoming a strong athlete and once you gain that strength you can look further into other forms of training.



Everyone loves to watch a good match of wrestling, whether it be MMA, or boxing or your typical wrestling match it is all enjoyable. However, the amount of strength training that goes into being a professional wrestler is not known to many people. Gaining the strength takes months if not years of dedication, both in weightlifting, and cardio. What arguably could be considered as one of the most physically demanding sports to exist today, it takes the cake for the amount of work needed to be successful. Unlike weightlifters who only need brute strength, wrestlers need a combination of strength, agility and will power to be able to defeat their opponent. It seems very difficult but in reality, it is not so bad, if you have the dedication and determination, all u need to prepare is only a few clicks away, waiting for you at sports power Geelong.


Although all completely different, all these sports have one thing in common, that is the preparation needed to achieve those goals, all of which is widely available to you at a low price right here at


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