August 22, 2020 2 min read

Need a basketball? Well us here at SportsPower thought we might help ease the process for you and help you choose the ball that best suits you. 

Spalding TF-ELITE Indoor Basketball MUVJBL


Do you play representative basketball in the MUVJBL? Or do you just want a good quality indoor basketball? If so, the Spalding TF-ELITE Indoor Basketball is for you.

This multicoloured masterpiece closely resembles the vintage ABA basketballs seen in the 1960's and is the Basketball Victoria go-to for competition basketball at a junior level state-wide.

Coming in both size 6, which is used for age levels u/14 and below, as well as Women’s basketball, and size 7, used for u/16 Men and upwards, The Spalding TF-ELITE Indoor is the premier indoor ball right now and is recommended for any competition players or avid indoor basketball players.

Spalding TF-GRIND Indoor/Outdoor Basketball


In terms of versatility, the Spalding TF-GRIND Indoor/Outdoor basketball is the best ball on the market.

Following the visual aspects of the Spalding TF-ELITE, the TF-GRIND is the next best thing to a great indoor ball, but even better, it is an outdoor ball as well. This means that you're not only getting a great ball to play with on an indoor court, but you can also use it on outdoor courts!

This ball is a great option for any casual basketball player, someone who loves to shoot around and play with friends.


Nike Skills Size 3 Atmosphere


Trying to get better dribbling skills? Have you got a mini hoop that you need a ball for? Have you got young children that need a basketball?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you NEED to grab a Nike Skills Atmosphere basketball.

This size 3 basketball is perfect for children or even adults trying to increase their skills with the ball. It's rubber surface allows for elite level grip, perfect for outdoor or indoor basketball courts, as well as  making it easier for children to control the ball and increase hand eye co-ordination.


Spalding 5086 Basketball Fluro Pink


In terms of all-purpose basketballs, the Spalding 5086 Fluro Pink basketball is a great pick up.

Not only is this basketball great for shooting around and playing with friends, its rubber surface makes it a great ball for outdoor use as well as a present you can have your whole team write on!

Great for Pink days at your club and a favourite of the girls, this basketball is great for if you're playing, it's visually appealing and great for presents.

Brad Edwards
Brad Edwards

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November 26, 2020 6 min read

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