August 29, 2020 2 min read

Love seeing cool hats? Want to shop the biggest hat wall in the Geelong region? Then SportsPower Geelong is the place for you!

Hat 1:

First hat on display is this Purple LA Lakers Logo cap by NewEra. This cap is a favorite of us at SportsPower Geelong due to its clean design, popping colours, flexfit cap and stitched lettering… but, mostly because the Lakers are the soon to be 2020 NBA Champions! This hat is a great addition to any basketball fan’s collection, not just Lakers fans.

Hat 2:

The second hat here is the NEW ERA WOMEN'S 9FORTY STONE BOSTON RED SOX hat. With its slick design and popping red, this hat is going to make you the star of the show. Who wouldn’t want to wear the hat of the 9-time World Series winning baseball team? This cap is great for the baseball girls who want to show their love for Boston, or even anyone who just loves the look of the hat like us at SportsPower Geelong.

Hat 3:

The next hat is a new star at SportsPower, and that is the NEW ERA 9FORTY PATCH PRO - OAKLAND RAIDERS. This hat is repping a piece of NFL history, as the association has recently changed to the Las Vegas Raiders. A very popular team for merchandise, New Era’s newest hat is one of the best on our wall currently! This hat is great for any fans of the NFL or anyone who thinks like us at SportsPower and thinks that their logo is sick!

Hat 4:

Another favorite at SportsPower is the MITCHELL & NESS BLACK AND WHITE LOGO 110 SNAPBACK - SEATTLE SUPERSONICS. Throwing it back to over 10 years ago before the Sonics turned into the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA, this hat brings the beloved logo of the NBA’s most missed former team names back into our lives. This hat is great for anyone who wants to relive the glory days of the Sonics and avid basketball fans who just miss the beautiful logo that it is.

Hat 5:

The fifth and final hat of our display is the absolute no.1 best hat we have in store, the MITCHELL & NESS TREK ADJUSTABLE SNAPBACK - TORONTO RAPTORS. This hat shows the blackout logo of the defending NBA champions and is a must for any Raptors fans. This hat tops our hat wall with its slick design and, lets be real, it is JUST BEAUTIFUL!


Of course, we have plenty more range and styles suited for all interests and all fits. So check it out at



Brad Edwards
Brad Edwards

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November 26, 2020 6 min read

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As much as we love to go and smash ourselves with a big running session, or by throwing around a few weights in the gym (we pretend to love it anyway!), it’s equally important to look after our body through managing our workload. After all, you can’t continue to train if you’re constantly sore, fatigued or worse of all…injured. That being said, the importance of recovery in attaining your fitness goals is highly critical. Recovery essentially refers to the period directly after a training session, in the lead up to the next. It incorporates all the actions which assist in returning your body to pre-exercise levels. The effects of recovery often go underrated; however, all professional sportsman cannot speak higher of the positive impacts that a proper recovery has on performance.

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