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Sometimes finding the motivation to get started on a workout is harder than the workout itself. But what we find is as soon as we have the right kit, the motivation will follow. So, us at Sportspower Geelong wanted to give you a hand finding your fitness fashion. Puma Australia are continuously bringing out stylish workout apparel, that not only is perfect when your lapping it up at the park, but also makes you look a million bucks whilst you are doing your morning coffee round. So to get you started, here is a glimpse at what we have for you at SportsPower Geelong.

Let’s start with the Puma Women’s Cut Off Boyfriend Tank – Black.


Made from naturally breathable cotton and a relaxing fit, the Puma Women’s ‘Cut off Boyfriend Tank’ not only will keep you cool during your workout, whilst most importantly making a fashion statement. The sleek black design contrasted with the bold white Puma logo allows you to mix and match between leggings and shorts, without the need worry about changing your top. This Puma Australia tank also comes in white, fig, winsome orchid and white.

Was: $35

No: $21.

Next up is finding the right tights

Puma Australia have a great range of tights; however, the pick of the pack has to be the Puma Women’s Explosive Avow Night Tight – Black Bronze


The name gives it away. Explosive. This release by Puma is not just ideal for working off those ‘COVID Calories’ but are the perfect pair to wear in your everyday activities. Whether it is picking up the kids from school or purchasing your take-away cappuccino the Puma Tights are a must. With dryCELL moisture-wicking technology, coupled with a supportive power mesh waistband, these tights will not only provide with all the support you need, but also ensure a comfortable and familiar Puma feel. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone either, with a hidden back pocket, these Puma ensure peace of mind whist clocking the k’s. Finally, the seam zips on the cuffs and the open-hole mesh panels under allowing for crucial ventilation.

Was: $120

Now: $72


Now an outfit wouldn’t be complete without shoes, and Puma Australia have an extraordinary range of running and training shoes.

To compliment out Puma tights and top, the Puma Women’s Emergence Running Shoes – Pastel Parchmen/Bridal Rose.



These pastel gems are bright enough to liven up any workout, even a 6am Pilates session in the of winter. The form – fitting bootie construction also features a stretchy sock, not just allowing support, but also ensuring maximum stability and complete comfort whilst you hit those PBs. Perfect with either a pair of Puma leggings or shorts, these shoes also come with a SoftFoam+ sock liner and insoles, allowing a bouncy and stress-free feel. The Puma Women’s Emergence Running Shoes are perfect for go-getters, who also have a taste for trend and style.

Was: $100

Now: $60

Finally, for those of us who live in Victoria, we know better than anyone that you can’t leave the house guaranteed you won’t need to throw on a jumper 15 minutes later, but don’t worry, Puma Australia and us at SportsPower Geelong have got you covered. The Puma Women’s Rebel Crew Training Sweat – Foxglove is perfect to combat the cool winter mornings; however, this jumper is an essential to throw on after your workout, when you go to your local café to get your coffee fix. Available in a pale pink, this training crew is perfect to wear with your black Puma leggings or tracksuit pants.


Was: $70

Now: $42.


Now that you have your kit sorted, you can crush those fitness goals! Or at least, upload an Instagram pic and you’ll have everyone fooled.


Brad Edwards
Brad Edwards

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