July 15, 2020 3 min read

Today was our main session day and involved the same routines as those practiced in Sydney. Team meeting, training preparation, bus ride and then train. There isn’t a great deal of glamour and shine about the process, just a need to work hard and prepare ourselves for the next big game. We don’t get long to train in the current climate and so we have to make sure we are efficient and effective in what we do.

One great thing about hub life to date that I am noticing is the positive energy created by having our whole list along for the ride. Sure, we won last week and winning certainly helps your mood but having 46 competitive mates around you also helps create an optimistic atmosphere. There is more time inside the hub than normal to get to know new information about each other. Mealtimes, breakfast, lunch and dinner provide one example of an opportunity you have to chat and converse about life with teammates.

Yes, these moments provide chances to find out more about someone’s life story but they also provide the chance to pick up on the more subtle personality traits of each other. How he holds his knife and fork, the way he sits at the table or the manner in which he eats. These are important cues we could all reel off about our own family, things we see all the time that become their habits, their idiosyncrasies.

These are the things that come to make relationships with our family members so valuable. We learn to notice when these habits and idiosyncrasies differ from the norm. We can pick up when something is wrong, when a mood isn’t a reflection of normal. A great team is formed by spending time with each other because only through time and contact are we able to get to a stage where we know each other’s tendencies like those of our families.

How does knowing this help? In a team sport where you are reliant on each other knowing how your teammate will react and move is predictable and team success is so often the result of predictability. So understanding how a team mate holds his knife and fork might not seem like something worth knowing, but over time that understanding of the knife and fork hold grows and at some point in time in a big game you might just react a split second quicker because your understanding of what your team mate was going to do is as strong as that you would have with any member at your family dinner table.


Quiz question answers below.       

  1. Who wore number 30 before Matthew Scarlett for Geelong?
    1. Craig Biddiscombe
  2. How many Geelong players have played 250 + games for Geelong?
    1. 18
  3. Who has played the most games for Geelong in the number 45?
    1. Cameron Ling
  4. Who was the premiership coach of Geelong in the 1963 premiership?
    1. Bob Davis
  5. Who has kicked the most goals in a game of football for Geelong and how many was it?
    1. Gary Ablett Snr 14 goals 7 behinds v Essendon 1993
  6. When and against who was Geelong’s last drawn match?
    1. Rd 15 2017 V GWS
  7. How many sons of fathers who played for Geelong are currently on the Geelong list?
    1. 5 (Hawkins, Bews, Ablett, Brownless, Simpson)
  8. Who wears the number 10 jumper in the AFLW team?
    1. Georgie Rankin
  9. Name this current player


 1. Harry Taylor 

  1. Who did Geelong beat in the 1952 AFL Grand final?
    1. Collingwood
  2. What is the name of the 1000th player to play for the Cats?
    1. Brad Ottens
  3. How many goals did Andrew Mackie kick for the Geelong?
    1. 100
  4. What draft pick was Sam Simpson selected at?
    1. Pick 53 Rookie draft
  5. How many players are currently on the Geelong list from the 2007 draft, what draft selection were they and who are they?
    1. 4 (Lachie Henderson 8) (Patrick Dangerfield 10) (Harry Taylor 17) Jack Steven 42) 
  1. How many current Geelong players are born after 1995?
    1. 25
  2. Who am I?
    1. I played 219 games for the Cats and 7 games for another club
    2. I retired in 2002 and kicked a total of 18 goals
    3. My surname is 7 letters long
      1. Tim McGrath
    4. Who am I?
      1. I debuted in 2002
      2. I played 135 games for Geelong and kicked 58 goals including 24 in the 2009 season
        1. Max Rooke
      3. How many current Geelong players played for the Geelong Falcons?
        1. 16
      4. Who has played the most games for Geelong in the number 35?
        1. Paul Chapman 251
      5. When was the Geelong Football Club established?
        1. 1859
Damian Isbister
Damian Isbister

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October 23, 2020 5 min read

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