July 13, 2020 3 min read

You wouldn’t read about it. It’s actually rained in Perth today!! It’s a rare sight seeing water fall from the sky in the west of Australia. We have a day off today, which is spent mostly indoors on the account of the weather. An early morning yoga session and swim have my eyes opened wide for the day ahead.

I make time to do a block of study after breakfast before catching up with Sam DeKoning to work through some vision together of our game v Brisbane and his practice game V Collingwood. We both learn off each other, picking up different things as we watch the vision of contests that we were in. Watching yourself on field with the benefit of multiple camera angles is a great way to improve your game. Watch, learn and then practice, that process ensuring you keep progressing your skills. There is no easy and quick fix for development.

Time and effort are two key constants that you need to make yourself a reliable and effective player. I spend the afternoon working on a quiz for tonight that Joel Selwood and I are putting together. All staff and players that are on the trip have been divided into small groups for the quiz, no more than six per team as per the required social distancing protocols. At the end of this article you will find a few of the questions. Have a crack to test your knowledge and I will send through the answer’s tomorrow.

There are a few different competitions starting to find their way into our program. A FIFA tournament is getting underway as well as a table tennis tournament. I wouldn’t know how to turn on a PlayStation so I won’t feature prominently in the FIFA awards but I may fair a bit better in the table tennis. Zach Guthrie would be my tip for the FIFA tournament whilst Nigel Lappin will feature strongly in table tennis. A golf chipping contest is being floated as another daily activity we could organise at our green space. This I am excited about and better get to practice based on my rehearsals yesterday. I wish I had brought a raincoat.


  1. Who wore number 30 before Matthew Scarlett for Geelong?
  2. How many Geelong players have played 250 + games for Geelong?
  3. Who has played the most games for Geelong in the number 45?
  4. Who was the premiership coach of Geelong in the 1963 premiership?
  5. Who has kicked the most goals in a game of football for Geelong and how many was it?
  6. When and against who was Geelong’s last drawn match?
  7. How many sons of fathers who played for Geelong are currently on the Geelong list?
  8. Who wears the number 10 jumper in the AFLW team?
  9. Name this current player



  1. Who did Geelong beat in the 1952 AFL Grand final?
  2. What is the name of the 1000th player to play for the Cats?
  3. How many goals did Andrew Mackie kick for the Geelong?
  4. What draft pick was Sam Simpson selected at?
  5. How many players are currently on the Geelong list from the 2007 draft, what draft selection were they and who are they?
  6. How many current Geelong players are born after 1995?
  7. Who am I?
    1. I played 219 games for the Cats and 7 games for another club
    2. I retired in 2002 and kicked a total of 18 goals
    3. My surname is 7 letters long
  8. Who am I?
    1. I debuted in 2002
    2. I played 135 games for Geelong and kicked 58 goals including 24 in the 2009 season
  9. How many current Geelong players played for the Geelong Falcons?
  10. Who has played the most games for Geelong in the number 35?
  11. When was the Geelong Football Club established?
Harry T
Harry T

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October 23, 2020 5 min read

When it comes to putting bums on seats at the footy, the Prince of Punt Road may be the best at it in the game currently. With his trademark fend off and haircut, both known as the “Dusty”, Dustin Martin has the world of the AFL at his feet. His ability to play his best footy when it matters most has spectators in awe, with numerous past players and coaches posing the thought that Martin may be the best big game player ever, highlighted by his multiple Norm Smith medals. Despite his laid back and media shy personality, Dustin is a superstar of the competition, perhaps being the most marketable player of the competition.

October 20, 2020 4 min read

When you’re the son of Gary Ablett Senior, arguably the greatest to have played the game of AFL, you’d expect to be carrying some added pressure. That’s exactly the case for his son Gary. Yet despite the extraordinary expectations placed upon him, he somehow managed to surpass them, providing his case to hold the title of the GOAT (Greatest of all time).

October 07, 2020 6 min read

Believe it or not there is a strong competitive side when it comes to what we know as warmup exercises. World records are constantly being broken by new competitors for things such as most pushups in a time span, or longest plank without fail. Many people dedicate their lives to being the best of the best and are constantly trying to be the best by beating theses records. Today we are going to look at some athletes who have taken their warmup exercises to the next level, and as a result have become the best in the world for these.