First hitting the Australian Market with the PowerTube PRO which was a product designed with versatility and convenience in mind this product was designed by the PTP team to be a Gym in a bag, offering a training solution to use anywhere at any time. 

Shortly after its inception, in 2010, George Gregan, World Champion, World Record Holder and former Australian Wallabies Captain, joined forces, bringing his valuable long-time fitness experience and passion.

George contributed to developing the highest quality products that would make state of the art training accessible to all, via easy-to-follow workout programmes and instructional advice.

From that point on, PTP continued to innovate and gained popularity for its great attention to design, functionality and accessible educational content.

PTP aims to offer the latest fitness accessories and knowledge and, ultimately, become an integral part of every person's fitness journey, encompassing everything from prehabilitation & rehabilitation, yoga & pilates through to power training.


Check out our range below and please be away every product come with comprehensive workout sheets or instructions on how to get the most out of the product. Verified Reviews Badge
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