Hand Sanitiser Delivery Updayte

Hello Everyone

Thanks for your patience here. 

Below is a video of the sanitizer being filled and and the boxes all ready to go.  Do to some transports delay surrounding the bottles and labels we are two days behind schedule.


Our supplier also supplies hospital which obviously takes precedent in these cases. However they worked through the weekend to ensure we have enough stock to fulfill Drops 1 & 2.  

This stock was put on a truck at 3 pm today which should see us with the stock by Thursday.

It goes without saying giving the demand for this product it would be no problem for us to refund you.  We are also going to reinforce that once shipped there will be no refunds on this product.

I would like to thank everyone for the patience as we work to get this product to you and also for the restraint showed by all to ensure as many people as possible were able to get the product.