5KG Steel Weight Plate - MADE IN GEELONG by GEELONG people for Australians (plates sold individually)

We will be manufacturing steel weight plates with two handholds and we will have versions available with both standard and Olympic hole sizes. 

The beauty with steel is the accuracy at which this can be cut as well as its durability. and let's be honest who doesn't like the jingle jangle of a few work plates as you work out.

Furthermore, because they are solid steel these plates will be thin (12mm) making them easy to handle and store.  They will also be colour-coded, 5kg (GREY) and 10kg (GREEN).

Now here is the good news, from Friday next week we will have them in stock for immediate delivery so no waiting around for imported plates.

Due to there weight, these do not fall under our free Shipping Policy.  You will be contact post-sale to arrange to ship at your cost. It will be around $20 for a pair for those on the east coast of Australia in Metro areas.  

Geelong has long been known as the manufacturing town (this changed with the demise of the car industry), however, we still have the skills and tools to create steel weight plates and Sports Power Geelong has commissioned a project to deliver weight plates to those who want them. These plates will create continued employment for Geelong people during this difficult time for Australians that want to keep fit while in isolation.

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